8 mins ago

    ‘I’m a fighter’: Florida woman, 69, shoots and kills 38-year-old alleged home invader

    Virginia Morrison, 69, was home with her 80-year-old companion, Charlie at 12:40 p.m. on Sunday when she allegedly heard the…
    19 mins ago

    Biden tears into gun makers, mourns kids dying ‘as if they’re in a battlefield’ after Texas shooting

    President Joe Biden condemned gun manufacturers and mourned ‘so many crushed spirits’ in the wake of a devastating mass shooting…
    29 mins ago

    Whoopi Goldberg Chastises View Crowd For Booing Kellyanne Conway after exchange with Alyssa Farah

    Whoopi Goldberg silenced a rowdy audience on The View today after they booed Kellyanne Conway for attacking Joe Biden.  She…
    39 mins ago

    Trump LOSES his bid to unseat Brian Kemp in Georgia: Ex-president’s bet on former Senator fails 

    Georgia Governor Brian Kemp scored a victory over a Donald Trump-endorsed primary challenger on Tuesday night and will go on…
    49 mins ago

    Appeals court rules insurrectionist members of Congress CAN be barred from office in Cawthorn case

    Biden-nominated appeals court judge rules members of Congress who ‘participated in an insurrection’ CAN be barred from office in case…



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