3 mins ago

    Biden tears into gun makers, mourns kids dying ‘as if they’re in a battlefield’ after Texas shooting

    President Joe Biden condemned gun manufacturers and mourned ‘so many crushed spirits’ in the wake of a devastating mass shooting…
    13 mins ago

    Whoopi Goldberg Chastises View Crowd For Booing Kellyanne Conway after exchange with Alyssa Farah

    Whoopi Goldberg silenced a rowdy audience on The View today after they booed Kellyanne Conway for attacking Joe Biden.  She…
    23 mins ago

    Trump LOSES his bid to unseat Brian Kemp in Georgia: Ex-president’s bet on former Senator fails 

    Georgia Governor Brian Kemp scored a victory over a Donald Trump-endorsed primary challenger on Tuesday night and will go on…
    34 mins ago

    Appeals court rules insurrectionist members of Congress CAN be barred from office in Cawthorn case

    Biden-nominated appeals court judge rules members of Congress who ‘participated in an insurrection’ CAN be barred from office in case…
    44 mins ago

    Will these leaked pictures revealing treatment of Uighur Muslims finally hold Beijing to account? 

    China’s brutal ‘re-education’ camps exposed: Manacles, hoods, sadistic guards wielding baseball bats… will these leaked pictures revealing barbaric treatment of…



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