Yubico announces security keys with fingerprint readers

announced Yubico Corporation announces a new line of YubiKey Bio security keys that allow you to unlock accounts with a fingerprint. The USB-A version costs $80. The USB-C version costs $85.

Logging in with the old YubiKeys required entering a PIN and then clicking on the key. But the new version can authenticate with just one click. And that’s in spite of The option to enter a PIN is still available if you are wearing gloves or your fingers are wet.

The YubiKey Bio series functions as a regular security key. So it can help you either log into services without having to deal with passwords or act as a second factor in addition to something like a password or authentication code from your phone.

Either method of use can help you avoid phishing attacks. YubiKey Bio can be used with a wide range of applications and services, including 1Password, Google Chrome, Microsoft accounts, Twitter, and more.

Technically, these switches support FIDO Universal Second Factor and FIDO2/WebAuthn. So anything that supports these criteria should work with the key. However, Yubico says that its biometric keys do not currently support OTP or smart card standards.

It is worth noting that bio keys also do not support NFC technology. So an iPhone user might want to consider other options to avoid carrying a USB to Lightning dongle.

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Yubico has a password-replaceable security key

These keys do not contain any drivers, batteries, or software. But you can add or delete fingerprints on the device via the Yubico app designed for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Additionally, the injection-molded frame is meant to be break-resistant and water-resistant. The Bio Series switches feature a three-chip architecture, where the fingerprint is stored separately and securely, which Yubico claims helps provide more protection against physical attacks.

Yubico offers a 5C NFC key for $55, although it does not support biometric authentication. Google also offers a USB-C/NFC key for $35.

However, for those who want a security key that allows them to log in with a fingerprint, YubiKeys are widely appreciated, and there is now a more convenient option.

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