YouTube shuts down Rythm’s music bot

Just weeks after discord music bot Groovy was forced out of business, Google-owned YouTube platform is now turning its attention to RythmThe most popular music bot on Discord.

The search giant sent a pause request to the owners of Rythm, a bot that allows Discord users to play music from YouTube videos and has more than 560 million users.

Google wants to shut down the Rythm bot within seven days, and the service is committed to shutting down its bot on September 15.

Rythm is currently installed on over 20 million Discord servers. Rythm has more than 560 million Discord users, and 30 million of them actively use the service every month.

With Discord has 150 million monthly active users, this shutdown is a huge blow to a core feature of Discord that is used by about 20 percent of its user base.

The creator of the Rythm bot admits it in a Discord message: Somehow we knew this was finally happening. So we started working on something new a year ago. Groovy receiving a stop request means that it happens to us sooner rather than later.

The Rythm bot team is working on something new in music. There is some kind of connection to the Discord platform. But the team isn’t ready to talk more about their next project just yet.

The Rythm bot was a full-time job for its creator, requiring 16 servers with over 4TB of RAM and more than 1,000 processor cores to run the music bot, which shows how popular the service is.

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YouTube shuts down Rythm’s music bot

The bot creator said: “After we received the message, I think it will reach all music bots as well in the following weeks. I think they all shut down.

He added, “As someone who was an early user of Discord, it’s hard to imagine Discord without musical bots.” It became a key to the experience and brought a lot of fun and participation in the community.

Although music bots may seem like an essential part of Discord, they have been enabled by third parties for years, allowing the platform to avoid scrutiny or legal action from companies like YouTube.

The closing of Groovy and Rythm is forcing many Discord users to look for alternatives. But smaller bot developers could face the same fate if they try to bridge the gap.

YouTube and Discord seem to be working on some form of alternative. Discord has been testing the social party feature on its service for the past 10 months, and the feature allows Discord users to create a YouTube viewing party.

Although, it is not a direct replacement for music bots via Discord. But if the feature is officially launched, it could be an official way to watch YouTube content within Discord.

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