YouTube Music launches free background listening

YouTube Music removes one of its most annoying limitations. But only in Canada. so announced The company says that starting November 3, customers in Canada can continue to listen to their music in the background while doing other tasks on their phones or when the screen is off.

Background listening supports both the standard ad-supported and customized radio mix and any uploaded content you’ve added to your account.

This is the first time YouTube Music has offered the feature without requiring customers to subscribe to Premium to get it.

As for when listeners in other countries can expect to get the feature, the company says for now, stay tuned for additional information and expansion plans.

Free background listening is an important advantage for Google’s competitors, including Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and others. So Google’s platform lags in this area from its competitors.

Even if background playback reaches the free level, YouTube Music Premium still has other benefits like offline downloads. You can also listen without any ads and seamlessly switch between audio videos and regular music.

YouTube Music offers free background listening

From offering a mix tailored to your moods and everyday moments to offering the most popular music from every part of the world, the company said. YouTube Music looks forward to providing its users with the most immersive music experience imaginable. And every new YouTube Music update starts with people listening. And we heard your voice loud and clear: keep playing the music.

And with Google Assistant driving mode, drivers can now stay focused on the road while staying safe and entertained with a hands-free YouTube Music experience.

You can also enjoy continuous stations and shuffle to immerse yourself in this new playback experience with continuous radio stations based on your favorite songs, albums and artists.

The news comes several weeks after YouTube succeeded in shutting down several very popular music bots on Discord. Much to the chagrin of the dedicated user communities who used it to run backend playlists for their servers.

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