YouTube competes with Twitch for content creators

Tim Petar, one of the most popular Twitch live streaming operators, better known as TimTheTatMan, to stream exclusively on YouTube Gaming after nine years with Twitch.

The average number of viewers for Beitar on Twitch was 34,634 last year. It has more than 60 million watch hours in total.

The move comes just days after one of the major operators, Ben Lubo, known as DrLupoIt’s moving from the Amazon-owned platform to the Google-owned platform as well.

The first broadcast of Beitar begins on the second of September. While moving from Twitch, Petar leaves behind 7 million followers he has amassed on the Amazon-owned platform.

But Betar will not start from scratch on Google’s platform. It has 3.8 million subscribers.

Petar said the move allows him to spend more time with his family. “When I started, I didn’t have any family obligations and could broadcast for hours on end,” he added. But with a wife and child it is difficult for me to broadcast as much as I used to do.

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YouTube competes with Twitch for content creators

Lobo pointed out in to interview With The Washington Post similarly stating that his deal with YouTube Gaming gives him more family time, he said the deal he was offered makes him safe for life.

TimTheTatMan and DrLupo’s transfer follows previous transfers by Jack Dunlop aka CouRage and Rachel Hofstetter better known as Valkyrae.

The transfers suggest that YouTube Gaming may be investing more in bringing big names to the platform. And YouTube Gaming still sees significantly fewer watch hours than Twitch. So new transfers can help the platform fill this gap.

In acknowledgment of the move, Twitch shared Compiled video Petar via Twitter, including the special moment when he won Fall Guys.

A Twitch spokesperson said in a statement: It’s been great to see everything TimTheTatman has achieved since his 2012 engagement on Twitch – whether it’s marrying the love of his life and welcoming the birth of his child, or the trials and tribulations of achieving his first crown in Fall Guys. It has been a pleasure to be a part of Tim’s community, and we are proud of all he has done for games.

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