Year 5 Tempest Season 3 releases today for For Honor

Today, Ubisoft announced that Year 5 Tempest Season 3 is now available for For Honor across all platforms.

The Tempest season brings with it torrential downpours and hurricane winds after a period of severe drought. Many warriors prayed to the gods to bring them water during the drought, but the response they received was not what they expected. Starting today, there will be a limited-time launch event themed Storm Tides. During this event, players will be able to play with a free event ticket and get many rewards such as a new battle outfit, effect, as well as a trinket. New weapons will also be available during the event for players to collect as loot.

Year 5 Tempest Season 3 is coming out with changes to the maps Gauntlet, Shard, and Harbor. Players can purchase a Battle Pass for $9.99 with premium content including battle outfits, trinkets, Knockouts, platforming, and effects. In addition, all heroes will receive a unique Fatal Blow this season, available for 7,000 Steel.

Following on from last season’s Testing Grounds, improvements to Orochi, Raider, Option Selects and other combat elements will be added to the game today based on player feedback.

Starting next Thursday, For Honor will launch another phase of Testing Grounds. The focus will be on another Shinobi revision from the previous phase, as well as improvements to the Dominion game mode. Changes to Dominion will include control speed, hard point, tracking, and other improvements to the user interface.

Later in the season, players will also be able to experience Wrath of the Jormungandr, a replay event that will bring back original rewards and weapons.

Covenant Games will also return in Game Update 2. This time, players will be able to play the Heralds of Chimera mode, where they can prove their worth to Daubeny. Rewards include a battle outfit and trinket.

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