Xpeng wants to make a unicorn robot for kids

Xpeng Motors has offered a sneak peek into its vision for the future of mobility. The Chinese electric car maker said it plans to release a four-legged rhino robot for children, which it hopes will become their first smart car.

Years ago, Boston Dynamics showcased a robot called BigDog that was designed to ferry goods across uneven terrain. which cannot be reached by wheeled vehicles. And it was strong enough to carry human passengers.

But the program was cancelled. This is because the robot was too loud for military maneuvers that would often need to be carried out in stealth mode.

The technology that powered BigDog later found its way into the smarter and quieter four-legged robot dog Spot. But it was not rideable.

And it looks like Xpeng Motors has found an opportunity to fill this very specific niche with the company’s robotics division.

Xpeng Motors said Xpeng Robotics, which designed the robot, is also helping build a robotic ecosystem based on the startup’s smart electric car business.

The company explained that it is moving into the field of robotics by making the most of its technologies and by relying on its capabilities in autonomous driving, voice recognition and smart manufacturing.

The company aims to produce a low-speed, mountable, four-legged rhino robot for transportation.

The company said the smart rhinoceros, called the Little White Dragon, is equipped with power units, motion control, intelligent mobility and intelligent emotional interaction capabilities.

And while Xpeng hasn’t offered a physical version of a robotic rhino, it has released Video clip And pictures of the game.

The company also did not reveal the dimensions of the product. But the video showed that he was as tall as a small child. A time frame for the production and marketing of the bot has also not been revealed.

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Xpeng wants to make a unicorn robot for kids

The CEO said that Xpeng envisioned its robotic products taking on more household chores in the future and interacting with humans on an emotional level.

The company noted that robotics is not an easy task. But it has ambitions to create an ecosystem focused on self-driving.

When fully autonomous driving is achieved in the future, quite a few activities can be linked to leadership. Automated cars are becoming very popular.

Last month, Baidu’s CEO revealed his vision for the future of mobility via a prototype robotic car. He said it was more of a robot than a car.

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