xCloud is fully powered by Xbox Series X

is now running service Microsoft’s xCloud cloud gaming entirely with dedicated Xbox Series X consoles.

There are currently two big products and services for online gaming via the cloud. Stadia from Google and xCloud or Xbox Cloud Gaming from Microsoft.

Until now, Microsoft used to use the Xbox One S as the hardware for its cloud gaming service, however this device is somewhat more powerful than the one launched in 2013.

The company said it recently completed the upgrade, which improves both frame rate and game load times for players who stream Xbox games across the web.

And while Microsoft has moved Xbox Cloud Gaming to 1080p streaming at 60 frames per second in recent months, it hasn’t fully delivered the Xbox Series X’s dedicated 4K streaming capabilities.

It is not clear when this will be available. But Microsoft is moving towards offering Xbox Cloud Gaming beyond just mobile devices and browsers.

Microsoft is currently working on a dedicated Xbox app for TVs that will allow Xbox gamers to stream games without a console.

Standalone streaming devices that you can connect to a TV or projector are also planned. Presumably, there may be other Xbox Cloud Gaming resolution upgrades to match the trend toward TV.

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Next step: Play xCloud in 4K

Xbox Cloud Gaming started as a way to play mobile games. But with its upcoming integration into the Xbox Dashboard and TVs. It has become much more than just a display for mobile devices.

The company is also working on integrating Xbox Cloud Gaming into its new Xbox Web Store, which it has started rolling out. We’re still waiting to learn more about its plans to bring xCloud technology to Facebook Gaming.

Microsoft recently expanded Xbox Cloud Gaming to Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Japan. This is shortly after the Xbox Series X upgrade for the service completed.

Microsoft’s xCloud technology is now available in 26 countries, and the company previously hinted at new subscription offers for Xbox Game Pass. So we could see additional levels providing access to Xbox Cloud Gaming soon.

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