Xbox One consoles get new generation features with an update

Microsoft is currently testing a new software update for Xbox One consoles that support Xbox Elite 2 and Xbox Adaptive Bluetooth connectivity to give them a suite of features found in new generation consoles.

Compatible controllers will receive Bluetooth Low Energy and Dynamic Latency Input support.

Where the company announced on the site Xbox The official announced the launch of the testing process for the new update by providing it to subscribers in the Alpha program, and in these advantages related to the new update, there is something that helps improve the connection of the console and reduces the delay in response, and it comes through Bluetooth Low Energy and Dynamic Latency Input technologies.

Dynamic Latency Input or DLI is one of the features that was previously available exclusively for the new generation only for Xbox Series X|S consoles, and although it probably won’t come as effective as the old generation, but it will undoubtedly be a useful feature to improve the experience.

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