Xbox needs a dedicated media mode

The new generation of Xbox has been a huge success. As it offers the highest possible performance with games compared to previous generations or its competitor PlayStation 5. However, the experience of using the device in matters other than gaming is not ideal.

Most Xbox users rely on the platform for other uses. Since it is an all-in-one device that comes with a custom operating system. Perhaps disconnecting the device from the TV and returning to using the same TV applications if it was smart is something that requires a lot of effort.

Instead, the best solution is to use the platform for entertainment and sometimes content creation tasks. However, the Xbox Series X experience in this regard is far from perfect.

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Xbox as an all-in-one platform

The new device offers an excellent selection of exclusive games. Such as Microsoft Flight Simulator and Sea of ​​Thieves. However, it does not compare to the PlayStation 5 in this regard. Which offers dozens of exclusives.

Perhaps this is understandable for the players. Especially since the platform will deliver many exclusive games in the future. But the user experience issue remains the biggest.

This is because the device’s user interface is largely derived from previous generations on the one hand, and from Windows on the other. It is easy to use in terms of games. However, its use in dealing with media is not the case.

In general, gaming platforms support media greatly, as their CD players support DVD and Blu-Ray discs. In addition to the availability of content-watching applications such as Netflix or YouTube.

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But on the Xbox platform, the handling of these applications is still not perfect. At the same time, the PlayStation 5 offers a better experience. It offers a dedicated tab for streaming and viewing applications.

The Xbox’s user interface is taken for granted that it is not normally suitable for the average user. As it is easy for gamers to deal with, but for the average user who will prefer using it for watching content, the experience is not good.

And when dealing with the Xbox platform relying on device Remote control – ie the remote control – the user is transferred to the main gaming screen. Rather than directing it to content-watching apps.

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The Xbox Series X comes in a very gigantic size. It’s about the size of a PC, in fact. Therefore, users expect it to be usable for a greater number of tasks. And not just in running games.

This is because it is usually connected to the TV on a continuous basis. This will make all the occupants of the house interact with it constantly, even those who do not want to play.

All of these problems can be resolved with a new Xbox update. However, it depends on how much Microsoft wants it.

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