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Wrong.. Absurdity at its finest

▪️ The movie “Wrong” .. drama, comedy and mystery .. directed by “Quentin Dubeaux” in 2012, starring “Jack Plotnik”, “Mark Burnham”, “William Fichtner” .. It is really strange to talk about the ideas of this writer and musician And the young French director is eccentric and even controversial.

The pseudonym “Oizo” is often used in music, as he is known in the cinema for making independent comedies.. He depicts his surreal little world and colors it in his own way, which makes you without feeling love and addicted to it, this quality is made for a certain category of course and it will not suit everyone .. They are creative and abstract images that deserve more than continuing to follow, even if it is difficult to explain and explain them to another person who has not yet joined this small world that does not exist in the first place.

The events of the film revolve around a young man named Dolph Springer, who owns a dog with whom he has a very strong love relationship. Difficult scenarios and strange personal interactions that make him deny that he has lost a lot.. something that will expose him to exciting situations and risks that will radically change his outlook on life.

▪️ The movie is about having fun without checking anything, just a fragment of dysfunctional thoughts that will mess with your mind, filled with strange characters, incomprehensible incidents and engaging conversations that you can’t trust until the moment.. It offers great humor and a long journey into the completely unexpected. If you can see the 60-year-old clock, the mysterious pine tree, and the office Dolph goes to work every day, this is the kind of movie that will blow your mind, and make you want to watch it again just to try to figure out what the hell happened. .

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