With M&S Magic Jeans on sale, what slimming denim gives you the best shape?

Shapewear and I have endured a toxic, cooperative relationship for nearly 20 years.

We split up, I swear it’s over and then, weeks later, a special occasion comes and I’m back, plump with the promise of a lifted bottom, flat tummy and I drop a dress size.

These days, lingerie isn’t just about what we wear under our clothes either. The latest fashion? Stretchy jeans promise to make mincemeat on top of buns.

During lockdown, we’ve all tossed our jeans at the back of the wardrobe in favor of comfortable, fun sleepwear.

Contour jeans, £25, F&F at Medium-rise stretch jeans. MODEL ELEANOR SAYS: ‘The denim looks cheap and scratches, and it flattens my butt instead of lifting it.

Bum Sculpt skinny jeans, £46, Innovative stretch jeans that sculpt.  Eleanor says:

Buy it: Bum Sculpt Skinny Jeans, £46, Innovative stretch denim that sculpts. “I usually avoid the skinny side profile but that was flattering,” says Elenaur.

Hi-Rise Sculpt True Skinny Jeans, £54.95, from Elenaor says:

Hi-Rise Sculpt True Skinny jeans, £54.95, The denim cut stretches to sit above the hips. “The jeans are comfortable and slim my waist down,” says Elenauer.

But now, with life returning to normal, we’ve been dusting it off – and if you’re anything like me – finding my oldest no longer relevant.

No wonder Marks & Spencer has seen a boom in jeans sales.

The retailer has sold more than two million pairs in the past six months, with Magic Shaping jeans selling both online and in store. This is a pledge to raise the bottoms and reduce the size of the spare tire.

My problem with underwear is that the grease doesn’t just go away – it has to go somewhere. In my experience, pressing it in one place causes it to reappear in another.

Anyone who has tried to get air out of an inflatable mattress knows what I mean. Even if it cuts a few inches and gives you a slim silhouette, you can’t go anywhere, because the corset is so tight that you walk like a zombie and sit up impossible.

Lift & Sculpt high-waisted skinny jeans, from £75, in stretch-waist denim ¿.  This gave me a great bottom, says Elenaur.

Buy it: Lift & Sculpt high-waisted skinny jeans, from £75, No-gap stretch jeans. “It gave me a wonderful bottom of the relationship,” says Eleanor.

But maybe newer models got a little more “give” to accommodate wobbly bits?

We decided to test them – by trying all the jeans on a size 16 model.

We measured her waist in regular jeans – 38.5 inches – and then compared that to measuring each slimming pair.

And what about comfort? When I carry a £39.50 pair of size 16 M&S Magic Shaping Straight Leg jeans (third from the right), they look so small that I have to check the label again.

No matter the magic, it would definitely take magic to squeeze it out.

Flared jeans, £130, Gut Check targets the belly.  It definitely sucks you in, says Elenaur, but you can't comfortably sit for long in it, let alone eat!

Flared jeans, £130, Gut scan panel targeting the abdomen. ‘It definitely sucks you in,’ says Elaineauer, ‘but you can’t sit comfortably for long, let alone eat!

Marks & Spencer tells me that the jeans are made using “smart technology” and “dart shaping” but, let’s be honest, it’s just a very stretchy fabric.

By some miracle, it fits. It’s soft and comfortable and my saggy butt looks full and lifted.

And although the high waisted belt was by Simon Cowell, it did reduce my stomach significantly.

They easily pass the sitting test, too. I fully expect the grease to ooze out over the top but it stays nicely contained.

Magic Shaping Straight Leg jeans, £39.50, Shaping darts provide extra lift.  ¿My favourite,' says Elañor!  They lighten my look really well.

Buy it: Magic Shaping Straight Leg Jeans, £39.50, Darts offer extra leverage. “My favourites! They trimmed my look really well,” says Elaineauer.

Florence Skinny Made Rise Insculpt jeans, £184, Iris Sustainable Contour Jeans.  Eleanor says:

Florence Skinny Made Rise Insculpt Jeans, £184, Iridescent Fashion Sustainable Contour Jeans. “It’s soft and gives you a good hourglass shape,” says Eleanor.

It’s a different story when I try on jeans in another size 16. The £130 pair made by pioneers of the lingerie world (fourth from right) Spanx (fourth from right) might feature a cheerful Gut Check, but they’re so tight and thin that it’s like wearing denim tights. The affordable F&F Contour jeans (far left), which cost £25, are so high waisted that they practically sit under my armpits, even if they slim my thighs.

Gap is now online only, with jeans a huge part of his merchandise. I’m trying on a pair of Sculpt jeans for £54.95 (third from left). They have hidden pockets in the front that help you give you a sleek and smooth look all day long.

However, I’m glad a size 16 is too loose for me. For a brief moment, I wonder if my fat has been pushed inland yet by my M&S jeans that are gone forever. This would really be magic.

Rocket Galaxy jeans, £260, Use the sculpting technique of the fabric.  'This is too tight,' says Eleanor.  Nor would I ever pay that much for jeans.

Rocket Galaxy jeans, £260, It uses the sculpting technique of weaving. ‘This is too tight,’ says Eleanor. Nor would I ever pay that much for jeans.

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