Windows 11 reduces gaming performance by default on some devices

Microsoft has promoted Windows 11 significantly in the previous months. This is in preparation for its launch on October 5th. Although the company has stated more than once that the new system is fully optimized for gaming, some devices may suffer from major problems in this regard.

The reason for this is due to the security features that Microsoft added in the operating system. which may seriously affect the gaming performance. According to PCGamer tests, this problem can lead to a 28% drop in the number of frames.

Pre-configured devices will suffer from this problem, especially devices that come with Windows 11 installed as the default operating system.

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This huge percentage can erase the difference between two entire generations of graphics cards. This is in light of the scarcity of cards and the difficulty of accessing them from the ground up. The main cause of this problem is Virtualization-Based Security (VBS).

This feature protects devices from malicious software by isolating a part of the system based on hardware and software simulation at the same time. When this feature works, a completely isolated part of the system is created and only allows the operating system to access this part and store some security files on it.

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Windows 11 reduces gaming performance by default

This issue significantly reduces gaming performance. However, most users may not be exposed to it. It revolves around computers intended for companies and the business sector. In the event that the user will upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, he will not be exposed to it.

On the other hand, buying a new PC that is pre-assembled with the new version of Windows installed will expose the user to this problem.

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Microsoft talked about this back in August. Where she mentioned that the US Department of Defense wants VBS technology to be present on all devices, in addition to the presence of the TPM 2.0 chip, which was much talked about. Therefore, this chip was among the requirements for operating the system.

The company has stated that it will work with its computer partners to supply all devices with VBS technology along with other security technologies during the current year.

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As part of the PC Gamer tests, a handful of games were tried with VBS enabled or deactivated programmatically. It has been observed that it has a very large impact on gaming. They noticed that a game like Horizon Zero Dawn had a 25% performance drop when this technology was enabled. The percentage is 28% in the game Tomb Raider.

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So far, a solution to this problem has not been revealed. Especially the user will not be able to stop VBS simply through the settings as it is more like a mandatory feature. But even today, a large number of users remain safe from this feature.

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