Windows 11 or Android 12 .. which is the biggest and best update

There is no doubt that 2021 will be full of technological innovations. This is in contrast to 2020, which witnessed a wide closure due to the Corona virus pandemic, as well as the postponement and cancellation of a large number of technical conferences. This year includes two major updates for two of the most popular operating systems, Android 12 and Windows 11.

We cannot compare the two operating systems because they are both geared to specific devices. But there is no doubt that Windows 11 update is one of the largest updates to the Windows operating system ever, and so is the case for Android 12.

Microsoft has already launched the Windows 11 operating system in early October. While Google has finished developing Android 12 and is currently preparing to launch it.

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Perhaps the announcement of Windows 11 was quite surprising. This is because Microsoft announced in 2015 that Windows 10 would be the last, and that it would get periodic updates instead of releasing entirely new versions.

Some believe that Windows 11 is only a major update to Windows 10, but due to the great changes that have occurred in the system, the company preferred to launch it under a new name, instead of providing it as an update to Windows 10.

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Windows 11 and Android 12 updates

The two updates Android 12 and Windows 11 can be described as the largest updates that the systems have seen in recent years. Whereas, Windows 10 received only minor semi-annual updates, while Android versions 10 and 11 did not provide significant updates.

Android 12

The Android 12 update includes very important additions, and perhaps the most prominent – which it shares with Windows 11 – is the complete redesign of the system, as Google introduces a new design language in Android 12, which is known as Material You.

In addition, the Android 12 update includes an integrated control panel to control games, which comes under the name Game Dashboard, through which Google is trying to establish its feet in the gaming market. This is in addition to a new dashboard for privacy and digital security features called the Privacy Dashboard.

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And now the Android system supports the control mode of the phone with one hand, which is provided by a number of manufacturers of Android phones, most notably Samsung. Android 12 also introduces significant changes to the design and performance of widgets.

Windows 11

Windows 11 Update can be described as the biggest update to hit the system in more than six years. The system offers a complete redesign, which includes redesigning the iconic Start menu by placing it in the center and ditching the Tiles feature that has characterized the system since the release of Windows 8.

Besides, Windows 11 offers support for running Android apps as well. It is a very important feature. The system also provided significant improvements in gaming performance, security and privacy, while introducing redesigns and tweaks to default system applications.

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We previously told you dozens of articles about Windows 11 and its features. But despite the enormity of the modernization, it was met with some criticism. Some described it as just a new interface for Windows 11.

Which is better

The context does not allow for a direct comparison between the two operating systems. However, opinions tend to describe the latest Windows update as larger than the Android update, depending on the size and variety of changes. But what matters to us is that the two versions offer a lot to the user, and refresh the overall use experience.

Currently, Windows 10 users can get the new version of Windows 11 for free via suppository From the Microsoft website or via Update from the System Control Panel. While Android 12 will be available to users in the coming weeks.

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