Windows 11 from Microsoft is now available for download

Launched Microsoft Corporation Windows 11 operating system worldwide as a free update for Windows 10 users. Panos Panay, chief product officer of Windows, stated that the latest version was designed to be clean, new, and simpler for the user.

Banai promised that the new operating system would not be a complete departure from what people know. He added that even the least technically savvy users can easily upgrade.

He said that expert users had tested it extensively through the Windows Insider beta program and was confident there were no issues, adding that the upgrade is now ready.

The system includes some significant design changes, as well as some modifications to how it works. There is a start menu By default in the middle of the screen, along with the icons in the taskbar.

When you click on it, the Start button opens a list of frequently used applications. It mimics her appearance In some ways a list of smartphone applications. Microsoft has ditched the tiles that were on the Windows 10 start menu.

Banai said the team learned from Windows 8, which got rid of the Start menu entirely, to the annoyance of many users. The development of the system interface included monitoring how people used computers

When Windows 10 appeared, Microsoft announced that it was the final version of the system. But this has clearly changed. And“We are in a time when there is a kind of new era for PC right now.

The design across the operating system focuses on rounded corners, and has simplified most menu and folder views. There are new and improved options for arranging windows and merging them into grids.

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Windows 11 represents a new era of computing

Widgets, a major selling point for 2007 Windows Vista, are making a comeback, too. But instead of floating across the screen, it’s in a sidebar on the left, and it’s also linked to Microsoft services.

There are some deeper changes to the interface and design. System integrations with Microsoft Teams and Xbox feature heavily in the company’s advertisements.

The Microsoft Store – the Windows version of the App Store – has been completely redesigned and allows third-party apps to sell inside, without taking a big stake.

One of the new features is that Windows 11 runs Android smartphone apps through the Amazon App Store.

Early users reported that the search function included in the new version is noticeably faster across most devices. But Microsoft’s own services are preferred when presenting web results.

For gamers, the company promises that new Direct Storage technology leads to better load times in games by allowing the graphics card to access the storage disk without going through the central processor. AndBut this feature, like some others, needs newer hardware to function.

As a result, not every computer will see all the potential benefits of an upgrade, and some devices may not be able to upgrade. AndThe minimum requirements include some type of security chip – called a TPM – installed across modern devices.

The company says: If your device does not meet these requirements, you may not be able to install Windows 11 and may want to consider buying a new computer.

But users using Windows 10 do not need to switch if the computer is still working. Windows 10 will continue to be supported and receive security updates until October 2025.

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