Will Apple Developers Benefit From App Store Changes

Apple grabbed the attention by announcing a $100 million settlement with small app developers who have brought a class-action lawsuit against it. In addition to announcing several changes to its App Store policy.

Among the changes announced by the company, developers can now contact customers directly and get their opinion on alternative payment methods. So using data collected from their apps. Which was prevented earlier.

The company also pledged to maintain the program App Store Small Business. who works to reduce Its commission is 15 percent For developers making less than $1 million a year for three years.

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Most experts agree that these policies are not likely to make much difference in the long term.

Apple did not provide any figures on how many of its developers fall into the category of applets that make less than a million dollars. But reports stated that they reach 98 percent, and they represent only 5 percent of the total revenue of the App Store.

Moreover, the settlement amount will not affect Apple as long as it is still able to get the 30% rate.

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Apple won’t make it easy for developers

Although the company has now allowed developers to discuss alternative payment methods for subscriptions with users outside of their app using contact information obtained in the app. But if the developer wants to sell something in the app they still have to use their payment methods. Which allows her to get her commission automatically.

This point remains a major point of contention for many developers. This is because in-app purchases and subscriptions are a very profitable financial resource. Most in-app subscription-based apps are free apps. AndIt relies on customers who buy and sign up through the company’s payments mechanism.

Given the huge profits offered by the App Store, Apple is not going to make it possible or even easy for developers to alert users to alternative payment methods within their apps.

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