Why you should sell your old iPhone now

September of each year is considered one of the most important months in the technical calendar. This is because many are waiting for Apple’s annual event. In which the company unveils its latest and most important products, the next generation of its flagship phones.

And 2021 appears to be another successful year for the company with rumors and leaks emerging that the upcoming phone is getting a lot of upgrades. Which may include an improved screen that supports a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. And a better camera and much faster processing power.

Although the company has not yet set an official date for the unveiling of the next generation of its series of phones. but newer Tweet from famous leaker John Prosser She indicated that the opening of the pre-order may start earlier. Specifically, as of September 17th. While the official launch event will be held on September 24th.

If these reports are correct, this means that it is not long before the current model and older models of iPhone phones begin the journey of price declines in retail stores.

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Selling an old iPhone

If you are working with an older model of iPhone. If you want to upgrade to the next model, it’s a good idea to sell it now before the new model hits stores. This is because some older models may drop in value over the next few months as stores start preparing to receive the new model.

And that’s what we’re seeing right now with a lot of Deals and discounts On the current iPhone series in retail stores.

And it’s not just the current models, as old models like the iPhone 11 series are experiencing a decline steep in price. It is expected to decline further in the coming period.

Although iPhones retain their value better than phones running the Android operating system. But their prices usually drop at retail stores and even the Apple Store once new models are revealed.

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