Why doesn’t Google care about tablets?

Not all users may agree on the importance of tablets. As these devices have lost a large part of their value after smart phone screens have become so large, and perhaps Google has lost its interest as well.

Most of those interested in the technical field agree that Android tablets suffer from many problems. This has helped Apple to dominate this market with iPad tablets.

However, there are many companies still trying in the Android tablet market. Including Samsung with its flagship Galaxy Tab tablets, and Google with its Pixel Slate tablets, and it seems that the company has made its decision to withdraw.

9to5Google, which specializes in company news, noted that the company has removed its Pixel Slate tablet from her shop the official. It is a hint that Google will exit this market, especially since the company launched this device in 2018, and has not released new versions of it since then.

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Google and the Tablet PC Market

It’s no surprise that Google stops supporting its own products and services. Entire sites exist on the Internet that specialize solely in the history of services and products that the company has “killed” over time.

But the company’s abandonment of the Pixel Slate is strange and frustrating. It implies that Google is giving up on the tablet market. In light of the growing success of Apple in this market.

Google has not confirmed it yet. However, its general orientation supports the idea of ​​abandoning the tablet computer market. Perhaps the Pixel Slate was one of the most prominent Android tablets in general. Perhaps only Google is able to give Android a boost within tablets.

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There is no explanation for the company’s neglect of the tablet market in general. Whether by abandoning the Pixel Slate devices, or by not supporting Android sufficiently on tablets.

This situation is strange in light of the company’s recent interest in the hardware and smartphone sector again. Whereas, after the Pixel phones suffered for a long time with poor sales and mediocre specifications, Google decided to revive the series with completely new processors, leading specifications, and a new design.

Some believe that the company’s interest in tablets has decreased in exchange for its increased interest in Chrome OS, which is intended for portable PCs. However, Chrome OS is not likely to replace Android on laptops in general.

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The company has not commented on the news circulating regarding the end of the Pixel Slate series. Nor did it spell out any future plans for tablet computers. Which is excellent news for iPads without a doubt.

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