Why did Amazon enter the video game industry?

Amazon leads the global e-commerce sector. As millions of users depend on it daily for their online shopping. But this company is much bigger than a global online store.

This is because Amazon works in more than one field and makes huge profits from them. Including the field of web services through AWS services that allow site owners to rent servers from them and more, to services such as the Prime Video streaming service on the one hand, and its incursion into the field of e-books on the other hand.

Amazon has many services and platforms that some may not know it belongs to. Such as the content streaming platform Twitch, the Alexa web analysis platform, and the IMDb platform, which represents the largest database of movies, series, and artists.

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It is no secret how strong the company is in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Especially after she revealed her first home robot a short time ago.

It seems that Amazon will not let the field of games to waste from them. Especially after the huge profits that technology companies make from it. But Amazon’s approach to the gaming industry has been pretty odd. Perhaps the highly anticipated New World game is a great example of this.

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Amazon and the video game industry

Amazon has a game streaming service called Amazon Luna. It is a cloud-based service just like Stadia from Google or xCloud from Microsoft. Therefore, New World is expected to be exclusive to that service.

But Amazon has gone a different path. It will make New World available to everyone as a PC game. They can be purchased normally via Steam or Epic Games store. Here, Amazon has exported itself as a game developer, not a service company.

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The company’s vice president for the gaming sector, Christoph Hartmann, spoke about the matter, explaining that Amazon seeks to provide its productions in the field of games to the largest possible segment of gamers. Perhaps the company has reached these decisions after the difficulties it previously faced in the field of game development.

This is because Amazon has acquired a group of prominent game development studios on the one hand, and has tried to launch more than one game on the other hand, but without results. However, New World was the company’s most popular game.

Hartmann, who has worked for two decades at GTA developer Take-Two, believes that Amazon was not late in entering the gaming industry, but it did so at the perfect time.

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New World was developed by Amazon-owned studio Orange County, which has more than one development team. Perhaps the main objectives behind Amazon’s efforts in this area are clear. As the company does not want a field of this size to be lost from it, and Amazon’s strategies have been focused since the first day on expanding in many areas and with large investments without paying attention to quick profit.

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