Who is Selim Osman, the hero of The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes?

The bond that binds man with others is a truly special bond, a bond that pushes him to change his way of thinking and break away from his selfishness, either by sacrificing it or submerging it with the selfishness of others to think as one body.

Salim Othman never thought that he should look at his life this way before he fell into an accident beneath the earth and amidst ancient ruins in a story about surviving deadly creatures.

The story itself may not be one of the best stories in the world of games, and it is the case of the game The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes in itself as well as we talked about in every detail in the review, but I have always been stopped by this interest in developing a local Arab character and I think it will raise the idea Your attention even if you don’t decide to buy the game in the end.

So anyway, let’s get to know the Arab hero in the new story of The Dark Pictures Anthology!

Who performs his role?

The role of the character is played by Nick Taraby, an American actor of Arab descent born in Lebanon in 1975 who is known for playing the role of Ashur in the TV series Spartacus, and has participated in other popular series such as Arrow and others.

The actor is also known for playing roles in video games such as Jamal “The Butcher” Rahar in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and the character Haluk in Anthem.

So who is he?

Selim’s dilemma begins when the call of duty, the duty to protect the homeland from the aggressors, shouts at him, at a time when he wasted time and did not do enough to take care of his family, which in the course of his life remains the stump of a reckless young man.

Although the decision is ultimately driven to the soil of the homeland, the heart remains concerned about the state of its blood that is going elsewhere, whether the mold of that body is behaving well or has fallen into a serious predicament.

Selim’s case remains like this as events continue, and with every step he takes, he finds in himself a desire for peace and to push the enemies out “without more blood,” as he might say to his enemies, but it is a desire that gradually recedes from the spotlight in front of what events hide when he falls into the abyss of history that hides Its effects are deadly creatures.

Then it turns out that Salim is not a superficial character who believes in fragile peace or loses focus quickly, but can quickly build complex ideas and analyze situations to reach conclusions from the core of the crisis, and the only individual surviving is characterized by intelligence and acumen to realize what is going on around him.

Perhaps because he spent enough of his life embracing the weapon instead of his son, the idea of ​​the end of his journey and death became more acceptable and expected than the idea of ​​survival. Characterized by the spirit of a fighter and his desire to reunite with his son and repair the relationship.

In fact, striving for this balance is what most expresses the character of Salim Othman and the simplest possible way to summarize the character and get to know him very briefly. Unfortunately, the game did not delve deeper than that in the characteristics and backgrounds of the Arab character (like the rest of the characters in any case), but it showed us enough to know He has the personality of a fighter and sacrifice who has intelligence and acumen and a great motivation to return home no matter what.

He appears in the story

It is easy to misunderstand the title of this article, the character of Saleem is not the individual hero of this story or game and is not the only pillar in these events.

There is no doubt that there is a main character in the events of the game, but as is the nature of this series so far, there is no single hero for it, but a group of individuals sometimes coming from one place or in the case of this story, they may come from different sides.

This means that Selim’s presence interferes with the presence of the rest of the characters. It may be very difficult to focus on him alone, but the important thing is that he appears in all the events of the story as long as you keep him alive, and he appears with a beautiful conclusion as well.

And even if it’s not possible for the only main hero, it’s still great to have an Arab co-hero, hoping to see more of that in the future!


Do you consider Saleem an interesting person? Do not forget to express your opinion about it!

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