WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are down globally for hours

All Facebook sites and services, including the main application, the Messenger application, Instagram, and even WhatsApp, have been down. The malfunctions of the Facebook platforms began to appear around seven o’clock in the evening Saudi time.

And the company failed to solve the problem for hours after the malfunction appeared. On the other hand, it was published on the official accounts of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram on Twitter, indicating that it is continuing to work to solve the problem.

Facebook’s stock has suffered a continuous decline due to these malfunctions on the one hand, and because of the negative news surrounding the platform in the current period, as the share’s value decreased by 5.3%.

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WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have stopped globally

The reason the company’s services have stopped is to change the DNS addresses of the platform’s servers. This is because users are not redirected to the servers normally when entering the application or even when trying to visit the company’s websites via the browser.

DNS addresses are used to link domain names like to the servers themselves. A similar issue occurred earlier to Akamai Technologies Inc and caused a large number of websites to go down several months ago.

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Security experts believe that what happened is not the result of an attempted hack, and most likely the problem occurred due to an internal error on the part of an employee. This error caused the servers to be inaccessible as previously mentioned.

The malfunction can be caused by an outside party, but the possibility of it being due to a hack attack is very low. The company did not indicate on any of its Twitter accounts about the expected date of the return of the service, knowing that it was suspended for 4 hours while editing this news.

As explained by some of the parties close to the company, the process of restoring services is more difficult than ever and takes longer because employees have lost access to their control panels and some work tools.

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According to DownDetector, which gives an indication of the extent of downtime globally, the company’s products and sites are down around the world. More than 50,000 people have reported disruptions to their services in the last hours.

It is reported that the company suffered a similar halt in its products and services last July and March. The use of the Facebook login features has also been discontinued.

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