What you need to know before buying the Galaxy Z Flip 3

As usual with flagship phones, Zack Nelson did Via his YouTube channel Subjecting the Galaxy Z Flip 3 to extensive endurance tests.

These include burning with a lighter and scratching the outer parts with sharp blades. And unlike the Z Fold 3, the result was amazing.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 Durability Test

According to Samsung, it warns users not to press the indoor and outdoor screen too hard. And keep the phone away from the coins.

In addition to keeping it away from keys, dust, salt water or alcohol and not removing the protective screen on the inner screen.

As expected, Nelson largely ignored all these warnings, and used the Mohs scale to test the hardness of the external and internal screen.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3’s external screen started to show scratches at level 6, and deeper scratches appeared when moving to the seventh level.

But when I moved to the internal screen, the result was completely different, as the screen started showing wrinkles when pressed hard at the second level only.

With a sharp blade, Nelson was able to easily scratch the armored aluminum exterior and scrape off the purple protective coating.

Using a lighter, Nelson placed a flame in front of both the small outer screen as well as the bendable inner screen, both of which, surprisingly, lasted long before the damage was visible.

It took about 30 seconds for the damage to appear on the inner screen, and the screen wasn’t affected much, but the plastic protective film had melted.

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Flexibility test for Samsung foldable phone

In the bend test, Nelson used his thumb to bend against the phone’s joint trying to bend it in the opposite direction, and the phone did not break in half.

But the screen was affected a little and the quality of the displayed image started to drop, which means that the screen, as Samsung mentioned, is very flexible.

Even more impressive is that the company has largely resolved the dust problem with the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Nelson has covered the front, back and hinge of the phone in dirt but nothing appears on the screen itself.

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