What will happen to the App Store after the new laws

The first court ruling in the Apple and Epic Games case was issued a week ago. Perhaps this ruling was shocking for the two companies on the one hand, and for the followers on the other. This is where he opened fire on Apple and the App Store.

Perhaps Epic Games was hoping to come up with huge changes to iOS. It wanted to completely change the way software is distributed on the platform, which could include allowing applications to be downloaded externally or having independent stores.

However, Epic Games did not achieve any of this, and the permanent court ruling centered on forcing Apple to allow developers to include third-party payment methods within their apps and games on the App Store. While Epic Games did not benefit in any way, as the court allowed Apple to prevent the return of the game Fortnite.

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The future of the App Store

Many questions arose after the court’s decision, and perhaps the most prominent of these questions were about how developers can benefit from these laws. Especially after news emerged that Apple may be entitled to add taxes to payments made outside its payment system.

it’s done Discovery Several laws within the laws of the App Store allow Apple to benefit even if the payment is made externally.

Until now, no one knows how the rules of the App Store will change to comply with the court’s decision. This is because Apple – and any other huge company – has an integrated team of legal experts who write and draft the laws for the use of its services.

But on the other hand, the law is clear and explicit, as developers have the full right to add external payment methods. But there is no doubt that Apple has dozens of ways in which it may encourage users not to use it, and some app developers may avoid them as well.

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On the other hand, the vision is still unclear regarding the payment services that will be allowed to be used within applications and services. Even these services will have their own cost and the app developer will need to pay for it, or charge it to the user.

There is no doubt that the user experience will influence the user’s choice of payment through Apple’s integrated payment method or external payment method. Where the payment can be made through Apple with the click of a button, but the payment steps may be based on the external method more complex, and the user himself may be tempted to choose the Apple payment method, especially if he thinks it is more secure.

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Apple mainly depends on the big developers. Most of its revenue comes from just 2% of apps. In the event that these applications avoided the use of external means. Or if its users stuck with Apple’s payment method, all Epic Games’ efforts would be in vain.

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