What we know about the entry of Netflix into the field of electronic games

Netflix has achieved great success in recent years and is currently known as the largest platform for viewing and broadcasting visual content. Through it, you can access hundreds of movies, series, and even comedy shows. In addition to the original works produced by themselves.

It seems that Netflix will not be satisfied with its work in the visual content market, as it sees the electronic games market as an excellent opportunity. In fact, this market is already so. It is reported that the smartphone game market alone generated $80 billion in revenue in 2020.

Perhaps this fact in itself answers the questions about the entry of Netflix into the gaming market. Because the answer simply lies in the huge profits of this field. According to recent leaks and reports, Netflix is ​​seriously considering this area, but as a service sector as well.

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It is noteworthy that this is not new, as the company emphasized the importance of the field of electronic games strongly in its letters to shareholders in 2019. And speaking of a very specific area of ​​​​competition, which is the time of content presentation, electronic games such as Fortnite outperform Netflix in terms of continuing to offer their content on the screen, ie their practice.

At the time, the company made an interesting statement: “We lose more to Fortnite than we do to HBO.” As mentioned previously, Netflix’s entry into this market will be in the form of a service, meaning that Netflix will provide a gaming service, and will not sell games.

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Netflix gaming service

Previous reports indicated that the company did not offer a separate gaming service. Instead, the games will be included with your regular platform subscription. The company will also not increase the subscription price when providing gaming content.

This shows us that the main goal is to double the number of subscriptions, not to introduce new and different subscriptions. However, analyzes have predicted that the subscription will become more expensive in the future, specifically once the service proves successful after adding games.

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The company previously collaborated with other developers to develop games based on its artwork. Including IP Games and Stranger Things. Future platform games are expected as well. Especially with the company having excellent businesses like Black Mirror and Squid Game lately.

The company may eventually be tempted to replicate the interactive movie experiences. They are films whose content is presented in the form of simple interactive games with the aim of telling the story at the end, such as Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Therefore, the company is expected to focus on games similar to Stranger Things. On the other hand, the company has started, since last May, to recruit specialists in the fields of games on an extensive basis, and I share the final reports of Netflix’s desire to provide service Similar to Apple Arcade after all.

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