What is iCloud Private Relay and is it a VPN

Apple announces a large number of services and products throughout the year. However, iCloud Private Relay has grabbed everyone’s attention, as it is a service that really affects users’ security and privacy positively.

However, a large number of users, especially those with a simple technical background, have encountered problems in understanding the features and features of this new service. It has been described as a VPN.

In this article, we talk in more detail about the iCloud Private Relay service and how it works, with the most important steps that help you take advantage of it greatly.

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What is iCloud Private Relay

iCloud Private Relay is Apple’s latest security and privacy addition. It keeps users private while browsing the Internet on Safari, and is part of the paid iCloud+ subscription.

However, the refinement basis of the service greatly improves its effectiveness. As now all web browsing, including pages and content that the user goes through, is encrypted and transmitted through two different paths.

The first path works by relying on an anonymous IP address, while the second path works to transfer the user to the page he wants to access, and based on those successive paths, the user cannot be tracked or any data about him is known through the sites he visits.

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Because it is a very complex service. Apple has collaborated with a number of companies to provide it. Although the company did not reveal the names of these companies, several sources have confirmed that they are Cloudflare, Akamai, and Fastly. They are well known companies especially the first.

What is iCloud Private Relay and is it a VPN

Do you consider VPN

The way the service works, especially as it goes through the different stages of a proxy, is very similar to how VPN services work. However, it is not, and Apple does not describe it as a VPN in any way.

The iCloud Private Relay service transfers the user by default to many places within his country or geographic area, unlike VPN services, which makes the user able to browse the network as if he is in another country. Therefore, this service does not allow – for example – to visit blocked sites in your country.

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As you can infer from the above, this service is only available via the default Safari browser in Apple products. So if you are using another browser, the service will not work for you either.

In general, we can describe the service as a service that improves user privacy while browsing the Internet through Safari exclusively, and nothing more.

To activate the service with an iCloud + subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Settings app
  2. Go to iCloud settings by clicking on the box with your name and photo
  3. Under iCloud settings, go to Private Relay settings
  4. Activate the feature

The service is also available on macOS and can be activated through Settings. It is also mentioned that there is an excellent alternative to this service for iPhone phones as well as Android phones, which is the WARP service from Cloudflare, which is free and available for all devices.

The advantage of WARP is that it works on the device as a whole – ie like a VPN – not just the browser, and it allows access to blocked sites as well.

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