What is Antimalware Service Executable and why does it always work

Microsoft offers a dedicated anti-virus and anti-malware application on Windows 10. It is the popular Microsoft Defender app. Which is installed automatically in any PC based on Windows.

The application appears in the task manager as Antimalware Service Executable. It is its own service on the operating system that allows it to run in the background. It is also known as MsMpEng.exe, which is the name for its executable file.

A large number of processes appear within the Task Manager, including this process. These processes are essential components of a large number of applications and services within an operating system.

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Microsoft Defender app

Microsoft Defender Antivirus was formerly known as Windows Defender. It is the default antivirus app as mentioned above. The application came in Windows 7 and will also come in Windows 11.

In general, the Windows operating system does not work properly unless there is an anti-virus application. If the user installs another application for this purpose, Microsoft Defender will stop working.

In the event that the user does not update their antivirus application, the operating system automatically cancels its work and runs Microsoft Defender instead.

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Antimalware Service Executable runs continuously in the background. As it constantly scans the files and links that the user deals with to resist any malicious files or applications. Besides updating its libraries automatically.

What is Antimalware Service Executable in Windows

The process is known as Antimalware Service Executable as it appears in Task Manager. However, the application itself is known as MsMpEng.exe as previously mentioned, and it is the one that appears in the “Details” field.

The user can deal with this service through the Microsoft Defender application itself and not through that application that appears through the task manager. As this is considered a “service” and not an application in the literal sense.

Microsoft Defender allows you to scan files and the system in general, in addition to deleting malicious files, and more security features and features.

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