What happens ten years after Apple released Siri?

When Apple unveiled Siri in 2011, it had a big impact. The technology was very attractive at the time as if it came from the future.

Apple revealed this technology in conjunction with the unveiling of the iPhone 4s. At the time, Phil Schiller, one of Apple’s directors, explained that this technology depends mainly on simple and easy sentences, such as: “Call my father,” “Call 555-222,” “Run Beethoven.”

And then he explained that the company believes that the user may not need to talk with his smartphone about other things. Or to ask him difficult questions to answer. The announcement of Siri came at a difficult time for the company. It coincided with the death of Steve Jobs, and the assumption of his position by Tim Cook, which was unknown at the time.

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Ten years after the launch of this feature, which was described at the time as changing the course of competition, it did not achieve what was hoped for. Schiller himself has described it as disappointing. Whereas, each of us has many stories and memories about Siri.

This is not because she is smart or helpful, but because she is very stupid. Which appears when you miss out on a simple command or when you don’t understand the obvious. Currently, Apple does not play a big role in the competition in the smart assistant market. This is because Google’s personal assistant has proven successful on smartphones, and on the other hand, Alexa from Amazon has proven its capabilities in smart home devices.

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Apple and its personal assistant, Siri

When Siri was launched in 2011, it garnered a lot of positive reviews. This is because it was a revolutionary technology at the time. But at the moment the reviews do not remain positive, which is unfortunate especially since Apple had a full ten years to develop Siri.

In general, Siri had a lot of trouble understanding user-directed instructions. For example, when the user says to Siri, “Send a message to Ahmed, Mohamed, and Alaa saying the meeting is on Tuesday,” Siri might interpret it as: “Send a message to Ahmed saying that Mohamed and Alaa will meet on Tuesday.”

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Siri was the first personal assistant to be launched generally, but rivals have been very impatient with Apple. Samsung launched its own personal assistant in 2012 and Google launched its own assistant in the same year. In 2014, Microsoft launched its assistant Cortana, and in the same year, Alexa from Amazon was introduced for the first time.

In the following years, ratings and reviews did not give positive opinions about Siri. It has been described as weak abilities and difficult to understand.

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Perhaps the main problem with Siri is that it hasn’t broadened its horizons in all those years. It is able to make calls or send messages. But it underperformed in answering complex questions or even handling complex commands.

Some experts believe that the main reason behind the delay in the development of Siri is Apple’s respect for privacy. As the company does not collect data as Google does, which mainly depends on collecting user data. However, this reason may not be convincing for many.

To this day, Siri’s situation is still difficult. As its development is very slow on the one hand, and on the other hand, Apple does not dare to abandon a service of this size. Apple may focus more on developing Siri in the following years, especially by relying on artificial intelligence.

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