What are the sources of earning free games like fortnite

Millions of users around the world turn to video games to pass their time and have fun. Perhaps free games are the ideal choice for non-professional players. Since they are just looking for some amusement.

Free games have been a huge hit in recent years. On top of them is the game Fortnite, which has achieved great profits and wide spread.

However, the free games do not require the user to pay any money to download it or to start selling it. How does this type of game bring profits to the developer? How does Fortnite make billions of dollars in profits?

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Free game earning sources

Fortnite is one of the most important examples of free games that bring in great income. In the first ten months of its launch, the company generated $1.2 billion in revenue.

When the Fortnite App for iPhone was available in April of 2018, the company was able to generate an income of $2 million per day.

Free games make most – or all – of their earnings through in-game payments. These payments may be made in exchange for the purchase of special in-game items, or through monthly subscriptions that offer players more benefits.

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This model is divided into two basic types. The first type affects the gaming experience, and the second type affects the experience only in terms of form only.

As the first type includes games that allow players to obtain stronger weapons or more features in exchange for payment. While the second type only allows users to make cosmetic changes, such as buying a new character design and skin, or a new weapon design.

Fortnite is the second type of game. As in-game payments don’t make playing easier, they only allow cosmetic features like changing character or weapon design.

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Free games also earn money with monthly subscriptions. Such as the Battle Pass subscription to the game Fortnite, or the Royal Pass subscription to the PUBG Mobile game.

A monthly subscription gives access to a number of additional features or earn more in-game items which makes the player special compared to other players. However, this does not affect the gaming experience in any way. Which makes the experience fair between paying and non-paying players.

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