Wesker voice actor leaks graphics for Resident Evil 4 remake

New allegations have revealed that DC Douglas, the voice actor for Albert Wesker, has shared secret artwork for the yet to be announced Resident Evil 4 remake.

According to a report from VGCThis leaked artwork was shared via a tweet (below). According to tweets from the @BewareCreepyVAs account, the image in question allegedly appears as a drawing of Wesker and will also appear in the Separate Ways section of the remake.

Other tweets claim It is reported that others have also stated that Douglas shared the photos with them. Comments on the tweet chain allege that Douglas sent the photo to a number of people despite knowing he would be in breach of his nondisclosure agreement in doing so, and asked them not to share it further.

While it is currently unclear whether the images shared on the platform contain real artwork from the game or not, it is worth noting that the actor deleted his twitter account Since then. Perhaps not surprisingly, Capcom has yet to issue a public statement to confirm or deny the authenticity of the images in question.

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