Was Apple successful in giving up the iPhone S versions?

iPhones generate large rates of sales annually. Therefore, Apple is trying to give every user enough reasons to make the transition to the new version of its smartphone. Perhaps the S versions would have switched between it and that.

The first iPhone S version appeared in 2009, the iPhone 3GS, and to this day no one knows the word that this letter abbreviates. However, Phil Schiller has mentioned that the letter S is an abbreviation of the word Speed, which means speed, in reference to the faster iPhone version.

The S versions of the iPhone were expressing minor updates to the phone. And this point in particular has caused a great debate about whether Apple was successful in releasing the S versions of the iPhone or not.

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This is because the S version of any iPhone was implied that this phone is not much different from its predecessor, so don’t buy now and instead buy the new version next year.

All in all, Apple hasn’t over-launched S versions of its smartphones. Below we summarize for you all the versions that got an additional S version, ignoring the 3GS of course:

1. iPhone 4
2. iPhone 5
2. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
3. iPhone X

It is reported that some of these versions had attractive features, such as the iPhone 4S that introduced the personal assistant Siri, the iPhone 5S that provided the fingerprint sensor, and the iPhone 6S that provided high-performance cameras.

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Apple will not release S versions of the iPhone

Apple’s strategies began to change with the launch of the iPhone 8. This phone was only an improved version of the iPhone 7. However, the company did not launch it under the name 7s, but rather launched it with a new number.

Apple then used the S designation again with the XS versions, which included an improved XS Max with a larger screen. Apple has since dropped that designation, which is a good decision.

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And starting with the iPhone 11, we haven’t seen any S versions, even with slight changes between generations. Since recent years have included the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 of this year, so without complicated nomenclature.

Perhaps Apple’s choice to abandon this name is a right choice, and perhaps the iPhone 13 may achieve greater success under its current name, rather than coming in the name of the iPhone 12S, especially since it did not provide many improvements.

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In conjunction with these changes, Apple began offering a new version of its phones, the “Mini” version. Based on sales rates, this version was another mistake from Apple, especially as it linked its name to the word Mini/Small, a word that has a psychological impact associated with lack or weakness.

Therefore, the naming of the iPhone releases for 2022 may change again, to be as follows:

1. iPhone 14
2. iPhone 14 Max
3. iPhone 14 Pro
4. iPhone 14 Pro Max

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