Vanguard wants to create iconic Master Chief level characters

in a report VGC Writer Sam Maggs of Call of Duty: Vanguard recently spoke about their ambitions to create memorable characters such as Halo’s Master Chief.

Vanguard's four playable campaign characters.  LR: Wade Jackson, Polina Petrova, Arthur Kingsley, Lucas Riggs.

As the team aspires to create more distinctive characters in this series, it believes that such characters do not exist in Call of Duty currently, especially when compared to games such as Halo, although the series previously featured characters such as Captain Price and Ghost.

The developer also hinted that he wants the new distinctive characters that he seeks to introduce in the series to continue to exist in the stories of the following parts so that the player follows their events and story, of course, if things go towards the way that the developer plans in the future.

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