Using the notification summary in iOS 15

iOS 15 comes with a host of new features that help users focus and pay more attention to their work.

This is what Apple aims to provide through the new Focus Modes feature in addition to the Alerts Summary feature. The Alerts Summary feature groups similar alerts together and sends them to you once or more than once during the entire day.

This feature helps you stay focused, so you don’t get distracted by having alerts reach you throughout the day.

This feature should only be used with applications that do not need to look for alerts directly as soon as they arrive.

Enable Alert Summary Feature in iOS 15

This feature does not work automatically after installing iOS 15, you have to activate it manually and use it yourself.

By following these steps:

Go to your iPhone, and then choose the Settings app for the phone, and then head to the Alerts section.

Within the alerts section, choose the alerts summary scheduling feature, and then activate the alerts summary scheduling feature.

Using the notification summary in iOS 15

After activating the feature, the system will ask you to choose the applications you want to put in the alerts summary.

This means choosing the apps that appear in the summary, and you can choose any app you want without a limit on these apps.

After that, you are asked to choose the times that you receive alerts and the number of times they reach you daily, and you can make them reach you in two or more times.

Then when you receive alerts through the applications you have chosen, the phone keeps them and then sends them to you at the times you specified earlier.

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Digital health and focus

Apple has taken great care in offering a variety of different focus features, in order to help users focus on their work.

So it introduced the new Focus Modes feature that allows you to choose which apps can communicate with you on your phone.

Many companies are also starting to pay attention to digital health, in order to maintain the safety of users and combat addiction to phones and social platforms.

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