Using the keyboard with the PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 consoles allow you to use a keyboard and mouse with its system, in order to control certain applications.

Some games also support controlling them using a keyboard and mouse, so you can use them with them without buying any external parts.

But most of the games available for PlayStation 5 do not support the use of a keyboard and mouse, and you need to purchase an external controller in order to use it with them.

Using the keyboard and mouse with the PlayStation 5

You can use the keyboard and mouse with devices by connecting them using their USB connections, and you can use them via Bluetooth.

You can connect the keyboard and mouse with the PlayStation 5 by following these steps:

Click on the gear sign to access the device settings.

You will find this mark in the upper left part of the screen.

Then go to the list of accessories, and then go to the general devices section and select Bluetooth peripherals.

After that put the control panel and the mouse in the connection mode, and then search for them on the device, and confirm the pairing.

You can then go to the keyboard and mouse section through the settings, and modify their choices and control them completely.

You may encounter some problems when using the keyboard and mouse wirelessly with PlayStation 5 devices, so you can go to the list of officially supported terminals from PlayStation from Here.

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Use keyboard and mouse with games

You can use your PS5 keyboard and mouse with games via a range of additional peripherals that allow you to connect them to them.

These terminals come with their own software to help you enjoy and explore the game as you wish.

Terminals are considered Cronus One of the most famous of these terminals, which has a lot of support from developers to develop its different modes and modes of use.

Some players consider the use of these terminals unacceptable, because they greatly improve the skill of the user and help him in games.

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