Using the Alexa app on iPhone and linking it with other devices

Amazon has launched the Alexa app for its smart assistant for all smartphones, so that you can access and use it easily.

You can also use the Alexa app with Amazon smart assistant devices such as the Echo and Echo Dot.

This is because this app is the interface for controlling and managing devices, so if you own an Amazon Smart Assistant device, you need to install and use the app on your phone.

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Using the Alexa App on iPhones

Amazon officially provides the app via the iPhone App Store, so you can head to page and download it from there.

After you install the application, you need to activate its access to Bluetooth, and you can press OK on the message that appears to you on the confirmation screen.

After that, log in with your Amazon account, and then click on Agree to the Terms of Use.

Then you need to choose if you want to use a new device or an old one.

Then choose your account from the list of available accounts and confirm your first and last name.

Then you need to allow Alexa to access the contacts stored in your phone, in order to use the call commands.

And then follow all the instructions that appear on the screen, which helps in using the assistant over the phone.

You can activate Alexa by saying Alexa or tapping the blue icon in the app.

Instead of using voice commands, you can type your command via the keyboard.

And you can add the Alexa widget to your phone’s home screen, by pressing the phone’s home screen until the edits screen appears.

Then choose Add Widgets, choose the Alexa widget, and you can place it anywhere you like within the home screen.

And if you want to connect an Alexa smart device with your phone, you can do so by clicking on Choose devices and then selecting the device you want to connect.

But your device must be in pairing mode before starting the steps over the phone.

Alexa offers a variety of features that are similar to those of the iPhone’s smart assistant Siri, but work with Alexa devices and Amazon servers a little better.

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