Using the Activity Monitor app on Mac computers

Mac computers have an application that monitors the activities and applications you are running in, and this application works in a similar way to the task manager application in Windows.

This app can close all the apps running in the background that prevent your device from working normally.

The Activity Monitor also shows you which applications are consuming the most resources from your device, whether they are from the central processor or random memory.

You can also monitor your internet speed consumption by apps, so you can notice which apps are behaving abnormally.

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Using the Activity Monitor app on Mac computers

You can easily access the application from the list of applications on your computer, or from the Tools folder in the file viewer.

When you open the application, you will find a set of tabs in front of you. Each tab is concerned with a type of device resource, where you can choose between the consumption of RAM, processor, power or internet speed in addition to storage space.

These different tabs help you to better manage the resources of the device and applications, as you can access any application that causes a problem through them.

So if there is an app that is taking up a lot of space and you want to find it, you need to click on the Space tab to show you how much space all the apps are taking up.

The same applies to all other tabs, and if your device is slow, you can go to the RAM and processor tab.

And then you close the applications that consume a lot of RAM or the power of the processor, in order to make the device work normally.

You can arrange the list of applications that appear in front of you based on their resource consumption, by clicking on the vertical title in the table.

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The application shows you some data in the form of a graph, and this graph reveals to you the device’s resources and their consumption in a total percentage.

And if you want to close an app, you can tap on that app and then tap the Stop button.

The stop button comes in the form of a square with an X inside it, and when you close this application, a window appears asking you if you want to force the application to close.

You can also access malicious apps that are mining in the background of the device.

And by searching for the applications that consume the largest Internet space.

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