Using tables in the Apple Notes app

Apple offers a range of distinctive applications in its phones, and this group includes the Apple Notes application.

The Apple Notes app allows you to take notes, write them in more than one shape or design, and share them between your different Apple devices.

The application has a wide range of uses that make it better than other note-taking applications, as many users prefer to rely on it instead of others.

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Using tables in the Apple Notes app

The Notes app allows you to easily add tables, with one click, and then edit them.

You can add tables by following these steps:

Open the Notes app and create a new note, then tap the Add Tables button below.

After that, the table appears in front of you, and you can modify it and add to it as you wish.

But the table appears by default with two columns and two rows, and of course you can add more rows and columns by following these steps:

Tap anywhere in your table to select the text, and then tap the three dots that appear.

Then you will find a set of options, and these options include adding and deleting columns or rows.

These choices may not appear directly in front of you and you need to click on the arrows to appear in front of you.

And you can modify the text inside the table and format it differently by selecting it and modifying it as any usual text.

And if you want to convert your table to plain typed text, all you have to do is click anywhere within the table.

And then click on the Add Table button at the bottom, and this makes a new list appear in front of you.

Within this menu you will find the option to convert the table to text, and this completely converts the table and its contents to regular text.

Quick notes

Apple’s Notes app got a new update in iPadOS 15, where you can quickly access notes at any time by tapping at the edge of the screen.

The quick notes for each application or site are now saved within this application, so you can return to them and edit them quickly even if you did not save them manually.

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