Using smart door locks instead of the usual

Smart door locks are one of the most important aspects smart home, because it helps you to protect your home and get in and out of it easily.

Smart door locks use a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection without having a physical key with you.

So you can leave the house without carrying any keys, and then open and close the door automatically via the phone without the need for keys.

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Smart locks can also record visits, in order to know who visited you and at what time and duration of the visit, and you can also record the number of entry and exit times for a single user.

Smart door locks offer a wide range of features including:

Control your door remotely

Through the smart lock, you can control the door and its opening or closing status from a distance, without the need for you to be near it.

And you can connect smart locks through smart home applications and control them through it, and the locks have their own applications to control them.

Various options for using smart door locks

Smart door locks offer you a variety of options to use, as most locks come with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features.

You can also use the usual keys provided by the locks, and some locks have keypads for entering the secret password.

Some locks work via a fingerprint, which recognizes your fingerprint and automatically opens or closes the door based on it.

Restrictions on entry and exit

By using smart door locks and creating your own user for each person in your home or office, you can prevent them from going out at certain times.

This is because you can associate each account used in the lock with its own password, and then prevent that password from opening the door at certain times.

Automatic closing of doors

Door locks can close doors automatically and without the need to direct the command to them, as you can specify a specific area that the door will be closed if you exceed it.

This means that the door closes automatically if you step outside the safe range of the door and are no longer able to see and reach it.

Send alerts to your smartphone

Locks can send alerts to your smartphone when the lock is used and the door is opened or closed, and alerts you if a stranger tries to access and open the door.

And you can link the lock to the surveillance cameras and then record what is going on in front of the door in case someone tries to enter it by force.

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