Using Netflix Kids Features to Watch Content

The company is working to develop the Netflix service for children so that the service is more suitable for them, as well as to provide parents with greater control over what their children watch.

The company launched a set of new features that help parents control the appropriate content for their children.

The platform includes a lot of suitable works for children that they can watch without any parental control over them, and you can also specify the type of works that you want your children to watch.

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Netflix emails for kids

These messages are one of the new features launched by Netflix, where you get messages in your email telling you what your child has seen.

In addition, it displays a set of graphs about the child’s use of the platform, showing the type, duration and times of the work he watches.

These letters include a set of colorful drawings of your child’s favorite characters, for you to print for them.

These messages also provide you with a set of suggestions for what your child can see in the coming period and new business in the network.

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List of top 10 works

Using Netflix Kids Features to Watch Content

The Netflix platform includes a list of the top ten or most popular works on the platform, based on users’ interest in them.

The network has also added this feature to its Netflix Kids service, where the list shows children’s most loved works.

This list helps you discover new popular works on the platform that are loved by children around the world.

This list is updated daily, and the list includes a variety of works, whether movies or series.

This is in addition to the appropriate age assessment for each job, so that you can easily identify the appropriate jobs for your children.

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Access to new Netflix features

You do not need to activate any special command or go anywhere to activate these features, as these features are activated automatically on the platform.

However, you must have a children’s account for Netflix to start offering you these features.

Netflix started using children’s accounts in 2013 and is introducing new features to make the experience safer than ever.

Children’s accounts work separately from parents’ accounts, as they do not display any content from parents’ accounts in their children’s accounts.

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