Using Dark Mode in Google Maps

The Google Maps application is one of the most used map applications around the world, because it is the default application for Android phones spread, Google has added a dark mode in Google Maps, which is suitable for using the app at night or for fans of the dark mode in general.

And you can access the dark mode in the Google Maps application via iPhone and Android phones alike.

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Steps to access dark mode in Google Maps

You can use Dark Mode on any device with iOS 13 or later or Android 10.

And you can access the dark mode settings on the iPhone by pressing your profile picture in the application, and then go to the settings.

Then go to the Use Maps section and tap on Dark Mode.

There is more than one way to use the dark mode through the Google Maps application, where you can use it by default, cancel it, or make it work with the dark mode of the system.

And if you decide to make it work with the system automatically, the application uses the system settings, so if your phone is working in dark mode, the application will work in dark mode as well.

If you are using an Android phone and want to access the dark mode settings, you have to tap on your profile picture.

After that, head to the System Settings section, choose Application Themes, and when the Choose Themes window appears, you will find three options in front of you.

You can choose to use the dark mode with the application if the dark mode is used with the entire system, or use it directly without returning to the system.

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Maps application developments

Google is constantly working to develop its own Maps application, because it relies on it to advertise and market places.

You can search for stores via the Maps app and get directions to reach them and their opening and closing times.

The application also develops itself and develops its reading of the roads by entering the users information about the different roads and their condition.

This is until Google improves the experience of using maps and accessing places via route guidance.

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