Using color effects in Windows 11 for people with color blindness

Windows 11 includes special color effects for people with vision problems, who can’t see all colors normally.

Microsoft has been working for a while to develop new technologies that facilitate access to its products for different categories of users, regardless of the difficulties they face.

It has begun using special accessibility technologies with the Xbox, and appears to be sticking to the same responsibility with Windows.

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Using color effects in Windows 11

You can set the appropriate effect for you that makes you able to use Windows normally by following these steps:

Head to the Settings app in Windows 11 by searching for it in the Start menu or by pressing the Windows icon and the letter i.

Then head over to the Enhanced Access tab, and choose Color Effects from the menu on the left.

Within this menu you will find all the settings you want to use, and you will find a button for activating the effects, click on it.

Using color effects in Windows 11 for people with color blindness

Then you’ll find a selection of the effects you want to apply, and a graph so you can identify the colors you’re having trouble with.

Windows 11 includes a list of six different effects that you can use:

  • red-green (problems seeing green, deuteranopia)
  • Red-green (problems with red vision, protanopia)
  • blue yellow (tritanopia)
  • shades of gray
  • Inverted gray
  • Fully inverted colours.

You can use any effect you need by clicking on the visible circle in front of it, and the effect is used directly.

Using color effects in Windows 11 for people with color blindness

You can preview the effect before exiting this window by heading to the color histogram and illustration.

And you find an option in the same menu to activate color effects via the keyboard and a quick button press in it.

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Activate color effects

You can use the quick button to activate the color effects in Windows 11 by pressing the Windows sign, ctrl, and c buttons together.

You can also activate it quickly by going to the taskbar and opening the quick control menu in Windows.

After that, choose the Enhanced Access Settings button.

And you find a group of options that you can activate or close quickly, so press the button to activate color effects.

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