Users are more important than the wishes of Apple and app developers

Application developers make decisions that may not be appropriate for most users. In these cases, they expect users to comfortably agree to it, which usually does not happen. The same may apply to Apple, especially as it is developing the entire iOS operating system.

These decisions usually have negative consequences for companies developing applications. An example of this was the decision by AgileBits, the developer of the popular password app 1Password, to abandon the current version of the app for macOS while introducing an entirely new app.

It did, but the new app was an app built on the web version by a development system known as Electron. That is, the company has given up on the custom and optimized app for the Mac in exchange for an app based on the web version.

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Naturally, most users objected to this change and considered abandoning the app in exchange for a replacement, or continuing to use the old version. And so AgileBits has made the wrong decision. It is true that this decision helps the development team and reduces the effort involved in development, but it harms users in one way or another.

According to experts, this is a frequent occurrence in the world of software and applications. As companies of all sizes may make decisions based on specific software or development methods to reduce costs and facilitate work. But without caring for the user.

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mistakes Apple and app developers

For several years the software market has been plagued by even bigger problems. The software and its updates were sold on CDs. And the user had to buy the new version for the same money in the absence of free upgrades.

In this case, the companies’ mistakes were more serious than the 1Passwords developers’ mistake. As the developers were releasing versions with very minor improvements and at the same cost.

Usually, app developers get criticism and negative reviews. But when this happened, they also objected, thinking that the average user does not appreciate the amount of effort spent on development, especially if it was a discreet development.

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These updates are known as updates based on marketing features, which is what Apple does today and what application developers do in general, and it is the same as what application developers did during the era of optical discs.

Perhaps one of the most important marketing features that Apple tried to raise its value is Feature CSAM, which was constantly checking images on the user’s phone for any images of violence and child abuse. This is done by processing on the phone itself and not on Apple’s servers.

There is no doubt that users have generally rejected this feature, since it affects their privacy and digital security even if it has a noble purpose. Once again, Apple and developers care about themselves and their interests without caring what the user really wants.

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