Use your own stickers in Signal

Signal platform recently added the ability to use sticker packs in its applications, and you can create and add your own pack and use it directly through the platform.

Many users have started migrating to the Signal platform after the uproar over WhatsApp’s usage and privacy policy.

Therefore, Signal is trying hard to add more features and features that encourage users to rely on them mainly and work through them.

Specifications of the stickers used by the Signal platform

The platform also allows you to use and create special sticker packs within the platform, which is one of the features of WhatsApp.

You can create your own sticker pack by using the computer application from the platform, and then you can access it through the mobile applications.

There are a set of requirements that must be present in your package, in order to use it easily across the platform.

Therefore, your posters must be in Webp or PNG format to be accepted by the platform, and must not be larger than 512 x 512 pixels.

If you are using animated stickers, they must be in APNG format and no longer than three seconds in length, and you cannot use GIF for animated stickers.

One sticker size should not be more than 300KB, and one sticker pack can contain up to 200 stickers.

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Steps to upload your sticker pack

You can create and upload your own sticker pack by following these steps:

First, head over to your Signal desktop app, and then click on the File menu in the app’s top bar.

After that, you will find the option to create or upload a sticker pack in the menu that appears.

When you click on the Upload and Create Sticker Pack button, the app will open a popup called Sticker Pack Generator.

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You must drag and drop the labels you wish to place inside the bundle directly into this window.

You can also press the add button for the stickers to search for them on your device and upload them through it.

When you’re done, tap the next step button, and the app then asks you to use an emoji with each sticker.

And you can add emojis by pressing the add button located at the top of each sticker separately, and when you are finished, press the next button to move to the next step.

After that, a window appears for you to enter the name of the package and the name of its owner, and you can choose a cover image for the package through the same window.

After that, the application uploads the package to its servers, and shows you a set of options for sharing the package across platforms.

It also shows you a link to the new package you created, and you can share this link with any other user.

And when you try to use the package, it appears right in front of you in conversation windows, and it works in a way similar to WhatsApp stickers.

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