Twitter rolls out safety mode to block abusive accounts

posed Twitter has a new feature called Safety Mode that temporarily bans certain accounts for seven days if those accounts repeatedly insult users or send hate comments.

The company explained in a blog post that the feature is available to a small group of English language users across iOS, Android and the web version.

Users are also banned if they send repeated replies or mentions, according to Twitter product manager Jarrod Doherty.

When the feature is turned on in your settings, our systems assess the potential for negative interaction by looking at both the content of the Tweet and the relationship between the author of the Tweet and the reply, Doherty said.

“Our technology takes existing relationships into account,” he added. So the accounts you follow or interact with frequently will not be automatically banned. Authors of Tweets that our technology has found to be malicious are blocked, which means that they are temporarily unable to follow your account, view your Tweets, or send you private messages.

Doherty explained that the unwelcome tweets got in the way of the kinds of conversations the platform wanted its users to continue to have.

This led to the creation of the Safety Mode tool and other features that have been added in recent years to protect people.

Users can learn more about Tweets and accounts that have been flagged by safe mode. And they get a notification as soon as the Safe Mode ban period is about to end. The platform also sends a summary of the situation before the end of the period.

We may make mistakes, Doherty said. So automatic bans in safe mode can be seen and undo at any time in the settings. We also regularly monitor the accuracy of our safety mode systems to make improvements to our detection capabilities.

“We want you to enjoy healthy conversations,” he added. So this test is one way we limit the awkward and unwelcome interactions that can interrupt those conversations. Our goal is to better protect the individual on the receiving end of Tweets by limiting the spread and visibility of harmful statements.

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Twitter rolls out safety mode to block abusive accounts

Twitter in recent years has worked with human rights groups to get feedback on its platform and what changes should be made to better protect users from discrimination, racism, and other issues that have become rampant.

The company has also set up a Trust and Safety Board that has pushed for certain changes to the security posture that would reduce the potential for it to be tampered with.

The board also nominated some Twitter accounts to join the inaugural group of users that gain access to safe mode, with a particular focus on providing the tool to people from marginalized communities and female journalists.

The group Article 19 for digital human rights said it provided feedback on the safety situation to ensure it includes mitigation measures that protect counter-speech while addressing online harassment of women and journalists.

“Safe Mode is another step in the right direction towards making the platform a safe place to engage in public conversation,” she added. And that without fear of abuse.

Doherty noted that the platform has engaged in other discussions about ways in which women can personalize their experience via the site. And that through tools such as safety mode and others.

The platform monitors how the tool is used while making edits as it rolls out to its larger user base.

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