Twitter plans to add new features to Twitter Blue

Twitter appears to be preparing to add more features and features to Twitter Blue, the app’s new subscription service that allows users to access a range of additional tweet features for a monthly fee, among users in the initial test group (Canada and Australia).

And discover the researcher in the application Alessandro Paluzzi Some new Twitter Blue intro screens are in development. Updated Twitter Blue info cards specify some new features for this option.

Launched in June, the initial Twitter Blue package provides users who pay with fees:

  • Undo Tweets: The ability to undo your tweets sent within up to 30 seconds of posting.
  • Bookmark folders: A new way to categorize your Tweets saved in specific topic folders.
  • Reader Mode: Convert threads of tweets to clutter-free text, allowing you to read all the content tweeted together.
  • Color Theme: Additional color options for your user experience screen.
  • App Icon: Custom app icons that you can use across your device.
  • Custom Support: Users get priority for Twitter help.

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Twitter eyes wider launch of subscription service

Based on the new presentation cards, Twitter Blue subscribers will, in addition, soon have access to:

  • Top Articles: A feature that highlights the most shared articles in your network over the past 24 hours.
  • Article Reader: Provides a way to read ad-free articles from various publications via a built in Twitter Blue subscription subscription.
  • Custom Navigation: Enable users to set up platform navigation tabs through the bottom bar of the app as per their choice.
  • Longer video uploads: More capacity to upload video content, which is also faster for subscribers.
  • Early Access to New Features: Subscribers also get access to features in test mode before the official launch.

These features enhance Twitter Blue’s offering, with Scroll and Nuzzel merging, in particular, providing a significantly greater incentive to sign up for the service.

One of the most important features of Twitter Blue was the issue of undoing tweets, and the platform hoped to attract large numbers of users who were always asking for the option to edit tweets. But undo tweets is not the same as the option to edit tweets.

And if you notice an error, you can delete a Tweet and write it again. With editing, you can make the correction at a later time. And that’s without having to completely rewrite the tweet.

Twitter Blue’s other offerings, for now, are pretty basic. But these new additions may certainly add more importance. And the platform could help make Twitter Blue a more attractive option for more users. Especially if they are looking to expand access to more areas.

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