Twitter makes it easier to access your reverse chronological feed

test The Twitter platform is a new option that makes it easier for users to switch to the reverse schedule of tweets from the accounts you follow, which has long been among the most important requests from users of the platform.

The platform is now making it easier to see the latest tweets first, by adding a scrollable timeline option, which means all you have to do is swipe left to see the latest tweets.

As shown in the demo, users were able to click the “star” icon in the feed to switch to a list of the most recent tweets from 2018, which the platform added after much concern about its decision to implement the feed algorithm two years ago.

The platform’s switch to the default algorithm feed has been effective, as engagement with tweets has steadily increased since it introduced the option, which presents your tweets based on overall engagement, as well as your personal interaction behaviors in the app.

But many users of the platform find that the feed determined by the algorithm is incompatible with highlighting the latest news and updates in real time.

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Twitter wants to make it easier to access your latest tweets

As a result, calls to remove the algorithm have persisted over time. Although the platform has provided an option to switch to the latest feed tweets for the past three years. The conclusion goes back to the algorithm. And you can’t set “Latest” as the default, which frustrated users.

Even Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, Foot A veiled criticism in this regard. Although, the new test does not represent a major shift. But it does provide a faster and easier way to access the latest tweets.

The test is timely, given the recent controversy over Facebook and new calls for regulation over how the feed algorithm works.

Frances Hoggin told a Senate committee that, in her view, Facebook’s News Feed algorithm was malicious. And that the result is better by regulating it, or even removing it.

Twitter is now letting users view content in its app as they choose, with an easier way to essentially turn off the algorithm. This is another simple option for controlling your in-app experience, along with menu-based timelines. Which helps users to see the tweets they want.

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