Twitter lets you add topics to spaces

After previewing the option in development last month, Launched The Twitter platform is now a live test of topic tags in spaces.

This allows the platform to better highlight the conversations of relevant spaces to interested users as they happen, which could expand the range of audio broadcasts.

New spaces topic tags can be added in the setup process, with space content creators able to add up to three topic tags per session.

When creating or scheduling a space, some of you on Android can choose up to 3 topics to flag from our top 10 list. But it’s 10 topics right now and expanding while after.

So your options are somewhat limited at the moment with only 10 tags in total that are limited to English and only available on Android.

But still, the idea is that it provides the platform with another way to increase access to spaces by showing people broadcasts based on the topics they interact with in the app.

The top 10 topics – business, money, music, sports, technology, games, world news, entertainment, arts and culture, home, family and jobs – are aligned with the topics currently on Twitter, which people can choose to follow for relevant content within their timelines.

The platform is currently showing the spaces from the people you follow at the top of the app, where Fleets used to be.

With this addition, the platform may also be looking to expand that to include topics in the spaces you follow as well. This is to keep people up to date with relevant content.

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Twitter is testing topics within spaces to improve discovery

Twitter may also look to highlight related spaces in the Custom Spaces tab. Which is supposed to reach all users at some point in the future.

Either way, the addition is important because while spaces can be an attractive option. But at the moment you have no way of knowing when most audio broadcasts happen. Unless you follow everyone in the app.

And if the platform wants to increase the use of social voice and enhance interaction through broadcasts. They also need to expose all spaces to the largest potential audience.

As a result, focusing on key interests is an essential step that helps boost listeners and subscriptions, based on the content of the spaces.

And if the platform can’t make the discovery go the right way. People lose interest in spaces very quickly. And they stop trying if they can’t find what they want without much effort.

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