Twitter launches Spark program to support creators of Spaces content

Twitter appears poised to make a new push for its live audio Spaces product, with the Spaces tab expanded, in-app broadcast discovery improved, andrelease New Spark Support Initiative to help support creative audio talent.

As Twitter explained: The Spark Program is a three-month acceleration initiative designed to discover and reward Spaces across the platform with financial, technical, and marketing support.

She added, “We are looking for emerging content creators who are passionate about live audio formats on social networks and interested in creating programs on Spaces.

The software is very similar to Clubhouse’s Creator Accelerator. While Tik Tok has also implemented its own Creator Fund. As did Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

In other words, all major platforms are now looking to provide more support and assistance to content creators in order to build content ecosystems, and keep talent aligned with their applications.

Twitter has also launched a range of monetization initiatives for content creators. But this new program focuses specifically on audio content creators.

The platform is looking to do everything in its power to support Spaces and podcasts. The Spark program provides select participants with $2,500 per month, along with ad credits and dedicated Spaces income.

They can also connect with the Spaces development team, and get early access to new features. While the platform may also promote their broadcasts via its merchant accounts.

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Twitter Promotes Spaces Audio Product

There are also priority in-app discoverability opportunities for well-performing Spaces. Which likely means that the platform is looking to display these broadcasts at the top of the Spaces tab. This helps content creators build their audience, and get more value out of their efforts.

The platform notes in its program overview that it is particularly interested in applicants who have a known exposure in the field of social audio across other platforms.

This means that Twitter is looking to attract top talent from other platforms, such as Clubhouse, as part of its expansion plan.

And to be eligible for the first stage From the Spark program, you must be based in the United States and have more than 5,000 followers on the app. You also need to commit to hosting at least two rooms per week.

It is reported that Facebook’s augmented reality development platform is also called Spark, which also has its own funding initiative.

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