Twitter is testing interest-based communities

Twitter has launched Communities, its competition feature for Facebook groups and Reddit, for tweeting with others who share specific interests.

Platform users can be invited to join an initial set of communities that include #AstroTwitter, #DogTwitter, #SkincareTwitter and #SoleFood.

Once people join the community, they can Tweet directly to other members instead of just their followers. Community members can like or reply to Tweets sent by other members.

Similar to how groups work across Facebook and Reddit, each community has its own moderators who can set rules and invite or remove people.

The platform invited a group of users to create the first communities, and allow anyone in progress To create private communities via its site.

The company said in a statement: Communities operate on an invitation-only system at the present time. But we’re working on ways for people to discover and join the communities they want to be part of.

This makes joining communities more difficult than joining sub-forums or public groups on Facebook.

Communities is a fairly obvious step for the platform. This is given that its users have long formed specialized groups around specific interests.

The platform is now formalizing this dynamic in a product that it plans to feature prominently in the main navigation bar of its mobile application.

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Twitter is testing interest-based communities

Those who have access to Communities via iOS can access them through the tab under the navigation bar.

On the web, users see the Communities tab in the sidebar. On Android, you can read community tweets right now with additional functionality coming soon.

The platform has always struggled to retain people who come to it and do not constantly find relevant Tweets or accounts to follow.

To help solve the problem, the company has in the past two years prioritized recommending topics, such as professional sports teams.

And if the platform allows anyone to easily create and promote a private community, the feature could make the app more attractive to regular users.

The platform first previewed that it was working on communities in February during a presentation to investors. She said then that her goal is to make it easier for people to set up, discover and participate in conversations that target the relevant communities or geographies they are interested in.

This means that communities can also use apps like Nextdoor by suggesting groups for people who live in a particular city or neighborhood.

Communities are the latest in a series of big product bets from the platform over the past year. Including Spaces voice chat feature, paid tweets protected with subscription and push to host newsletters.

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