Twitter is testing a new option to remove specific followers

As part of its broader focus on providing more control options to users, Launched Twitter is the first live test of its new process of removing specific followers from your audience, eliminating the need for a ban.

People in the new test can now select ‘Remove this follower’ directly from each particular user’s options menu under the ‘Followers’ view.

The user will not be notified that they have been removed, and they can re-follow you again, if they choose to. But the option provides a less intrusive way to remove someone you might not want to engage with in your Tweets anymore.

The platform has tested this option over the past few weeks, as the application researcher spotted this option Alessandro Paluzzi Removal last month.

The platform also noted the option in its recent public offering of upcoming controls, which will likely also include options to archive your old tweets, remove yourself from the tweet discussion and hide your likes.

The broader focus is on providing more ways for users to manage in-app interactions, and avoid unwanted participation.

The platform added a new “safety mode” option last week that allows users to block group mentions of their accounts automatically, providing a way to avoid a backlog of tweets.

And the ability to remove followers quickly and easily can help reduce confrontation, while also avoiding future issues.

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Twitter is testing a new option to remove specific followers

The ability to remove followers can also be beneficial for brands, as companies are now able to perform follower audits more easily, which can help improve audience analytics, and increase performance.

Your Tweets analytics data is relevant if your audience consists of actual and potential customers. Any people who may buy from your brand as a result of your messages.

And there’s no point in knowing the best time to tweet if half of your followers never listen to you anyway.

You can also improve performance by getting a better understanding of who is watching and interacting with the videos in your Tweets.

The reach of your Tweet is determined by interaction with the Tweet. So removing followers who are inactive or who never participate can help improve your data and subsequent performance in the app.

Twitter’s new “Remove Followers” option is now being tested in the web version of the app.

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